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Frances Auty: Self-Confessed Baking Addict

Firstly, I very much hope that this link works: I’ve never “re-blogged” before. Some time ago I started following a woman named Catherine Lawson on Twitter. She seemed to be in search of the best baking that Glasgow and Scotland had to offer. We interacted over time and I recommended my favourite Glasgow Bakery, Cottonrake, and put her in touch with Edinburgh cake friends who could suggest places in the capital. At the time she was reviewing for The Glasgow Herald and spreading the word about *good* baking. Then, towards the end of last year she asked if I would mind being interviewed for her new blog. I was initially stunned that she had asked me but then deeply flattered and said “yes” with great enthusiasm. We met up some weeks later over coffee and cake (naturally) and chatted non stop. It turned out that we had a lot in common beyond the obvious passion for baking. And she really was such a lovely woman. After the meeting I bombarded her with photographs of some of my bakes because I struggled to narrow them down and left her to write her piece up. When she emailed me the first draft I was a little tearful: it was so beautifully written and had captured the essence of what I am about so well. In short, I still am thrilled with this piece of writing from Catherine and immensely proud to be associated with her and her blog. I hope that you enjoy reading it too and take the time to check out some of her delicious bakes and reviews too. This woman knows her cake! And thank you again, Catherine.

It's all about the cake

Frances Auty Meet Frances Auty: no ordinary home baker…

Picture the scene: you’re seven years old, you’re tucked up in bed with chicken pox and you’re listening to the soothing tones of Felicity Kendall on tape as she reads ‘The Bonfire Pudding,’ one of Dorothy Edwards’ ‘My Naughty Little Sister’ stories. It’s about a little girl so scared of fireworks that she stays home to make Christmas pudding with her Gran. As you listen you imagine the warmth in the kitchen and the smell of the lemon and orange and spices being patiently mixed together. Such is your enjoyment of this well loved, comforting story that you listen to time and again that it sparks in you the beginnings of a love affair with all things cake.

For Frances, who has been making her own Christmas puddings for twenty years now, bonfire night will forever be synonymous with that time in the year…

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