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When Meringue hits Chocolate

So, I haven’t posted for a wee while, and, to be honest, I had been planning this big “I love bread” post, but I haven’t found the time. And then I realised I don’t need to have life story like posts to fire up: I can make them short and sweet and simply about my latest bake.

So, here I am, 6.15am on the day I am due to take my kids away on holiday and I haven’t packed yet. But I am drinking my first coffee of the day and felt I could spare fifteen minutes to type out a few lines and publish.

Today’s cake is a combination of recipes and ideas, mostly from Nigella Lawson and Sweetapolita.

Coloured and piped meringues.

Coloured and piped meringues.

Inside is a double helping of Nigella’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake in four layers. If you haven’t tried this recipe and you love chocolate cake then you must: it is so quick and easy, yet moist and chocolatey (though not too rich for children) and can be thrown together in under two hours, decorated and all. It is a family favourite and a stand by of mine.

Between each of the cake layers is a generous helping of Ganache (from the same cake recipe), Italian Meringue Buttercream and crushed meringues. This cake packs a punch.

The outside is covered in a purple Italian Meringue Buttercream, a chocolate drizzle and the piped meringues, crushed meringues and a few sprinkles.

The outside design is very much inspired by Rosie of Sweetapolita, but the less formal cake design that is so popular with Australian bakers like Katherine Sabbath is also really inspiring me these days, and I am loving making celebration cakes that aren’t covered in fondant icing. I am enjoying different flavours, layers, fillings and types of icing and decoration. A cake can be celebratory without being formal.

Anyway, I hope that the family had a great celebration and that you like today’s cake and brief post.

The finished cake

Nigella’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake recipe

Be inspired by Rosie


  1. Another triumph Frances!! I’ve just discovered Katherine Sabbath & spent waaaay to long looking at pictures of her cakes online last night!

    I absolutely LOVE the colours you’ve used on this cake x

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  2. I love your work so much Frances. Beautiful as always. I’ve still never made that Nigella cake despite all my foodie friends loving it! You’ll need to give me some tips for getting the ganache dribble effect as I need to do that next week for a cake making πŸ™‚

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  3. tcmorrissey says

    Gorgeous, and you’re right – it’s a true celebration cake without being stiff or formal, fab πŸ™‚

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