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“If this cake was a woman…

Version 2

A close up of the Chocolate Glaze and some of the fruits and meringues used to decorate the cake.

…she’d be a really luscious beauty living it large.” That’s what the lovely Christine, a woman who follows my Facebook page, said about this cake. Another, an old school friend, said, “It’s so sensuous and decadent”.

I wasn’t especially going for either of these descriptions or responses when I set out, but I am thrilled that this cake, my mum’s 70th birthday cake, has garnered such praise.

All she asked for was a chocolate cake. She didn’t care what it looked like really. She’s not that into aesthetics, and she’s not that into cake or chocolate either. But, despite this, she likes a good chocolate cake, and has a weakness for simple chocolate buttercream (butter, icing sugar and melted dark chocolate).

Having been given a total free rein with the design, I went through about ten different ideas and designs. There is so much inspiration out there, especially on Instagram, and especially from cake makers and pastry chefs in Australia. I went back and forth between fondant designs and less formal cakes, adorned with additional edible creations such as macarons. One thing that I knew I wanted was an acrylic cake topper from

I was so delighted with the glittery acrylic cake topper that I had made by Miss Cake.

I was so delighted with the glittery acrylic cake topper that I had made by Miss Cake.

In the end, as you can see, I went for a riot of fruit, meringue and chocolate glaze.

The French meringue kisses were made in advance, coloured different shades of pink, mulberry and cream. The fresh fruits were dusted with edible gold and bronze lustre.

The outer icing was a white chocolate buttercream coloured a deep pink/purple colour and firmed up in the fridge before being brushed with edible gold paint and flecks of edible gold leaf.

I fell back on my usual glaze from Rosie at Sweetapolita. The quantity was sufficient for both tiers of my 6″ and 8″ chocolate mud cakes.

I can’t tell you how excited I became whilst making this cake, and how much fun it was executing the collection of ideas that I had settled upon. I knew it would surprise my mum and scream “celebration” but I had no idea it would receive such incredibly warm and positive feedback from so many people. I now think of this cake as a gilded lady, dripping in edible jewels, shimmering and sparkling away, wishing my mum the very happiest of birthdays.

So, to all of you who paid this opulent lady a compliment and for those who shared my images of her, I thank you. As for me, I fancy making a sister cake for her in midnight blue and silver…any takers?

Here she is, in all her glory.

Here she is, in all her glory.


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