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50 Golden Years

Version 2

I always think that to reach a landmark wedding anniversary like Ruby, Golden or even Diamond is an amazing and special thing. It is beautiful and inspiring to witness two human beings who have, through thick and thin, clung on to each other and the promise they made (often in youth), making a life (and often a family) together along the way. When I am asked to make a cake for such an occasion I feel privileged to be a part, albeit small, of their celebration.

A few weeks ago my friend asked me to make a cake for her parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary, and I was delighted that I had the time to oblige. She is the first to admit that creativity and art isn’t her strong suit (she is more of a Science lassie) and was a little unsure what design to go for. This meant I had a bit more freedom to come up with something that was classic, yet felt fresh and modern.

Once I had settled on the idea of golden swags of roses around the top and bottom of the cake, I trawled the internet until I found the silicone mould that matched the image that I had in my head. And I waited with great anticipation for it to arrive once the Etsy seller emailed to say it was on its way at the beginning of this month.

And I waited.

And waited.

But it did not come.

I emailed the seller and was told it could take up to 28 days to come from Korea. I didn’t have 28 days. In fact, on Thursday, I had one day left.

Again, I had to think quickly about what I was going to do (I hope you see a thread forming when it comes to the execution of many of my cakes: quick thinking and problem solving) and decided I would use a daisy swag mould that I had used before. It wasn’t quite as I had planned but I was sure the overall effect would be equal. It is, after all, usually only the cake decorator that notices all the wee details that aren’t quite as planned in the end.

Version 2

With this mould I was still able to make a cake that looked as though it was hovering slightly above its board, with the side design coming below the level of the actual cake. I especially like this look, though I can tell you it’s no fun transporting a tiered cake with this design feature.

Version 2

Oh, and if you are wondering if I think I am the great sugar rose maker on the planet, then let me reassure you that I don’t and am painfully aware of my shortcomings when it comes to sugar flowers. There are people who do this *far* better than I ever could. In fact, I hadn’t made a sugar rose for a couple of years but, in the end, I was satisfied that it would set the cake of beautiful. I hope you agree.

Anyway, I wish my friend, her parents and all of their family a wonderful celebration later today.

Version 2

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