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Winter Berries and sparkle


I know I’ve written this before, but I really mean it this time. This *is* a short post. I just wanted to share some images from something that I baked and decorated this weekend, especially as it’s a departure for me from cake. I also chose to decorate it with a nod to the visual themes of winter berries and sparkle. Some of you might be thinking ahead to Christmas and be looking for decorative ideas, and I thought this might inspire one or two of you.

Ages ago a girl that I went to school with asked if I’d make a cake for her sister’s birthday this weekend. As it got closer to firming up ideas she confessed that her sister doesn’t actually like cake. After some discussion we settled on a baked cheesecake. Of course, I had to make it as celebratory and beautiful as a birthday cake.

Seeing as the season has well and truly changed to winter here in Scotland, I felt completely justified in picking up some edible silver leaf and cracking open the silver sprinkles and edible glitter (see link below). I also made some small snowflakes from flower-paste to add some contrast to the rich berry colours. The push cutter used for these are available in lots of places, including supermarkets, these days, but I have posted a link to one seller so you know what look out for. They are very effective because they are textured and I have even used them to cut pastry for the tops of mini mince pies.

DSC_0269 (1)

I used a New York style baked cheesecake recipe from BBC Good Food (link at the end) and drizzled a small quantity of white chocolate ganache for “glue” for the fruit as much anything.

DSC_0252 (2)

I am very pleased with how it turned out and feel it looks fit for most celebrations, in this case, a special birthday. But I think it would also happily take centre stage on a festive or winter-time table, especially at Christmas.


New York Cheesecake recipe

One of the edible glitter brands that I use (and is safe to eat)

Snowflake Push Cutter


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