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Maple, Apple and Pecan Danish Pasties


These Danish Pastries were inspired by being handed a bag of the cutest little apples from a friend’s garden a week before another friend and her family were due to visit. I thought they would make the perfect addition to a breakfast pastry and I could take the opportunity to use Moose Maple Butter again to make the most delicious glaze.

The day before I wanted to make the pastries I made a Crème Pâtissière and stored it in the fridge. And that evening, I made a batch of Danish Pastry dough. I used Paul Hollywood’s recipe, leaving it to chill and prove overnight in the fridge.


In the morning I rolled out the dough to approximately 45cmX28cm then trimmed the edges with a pizza wheel. I then divided it into rough 8cm squares. I don’t think the pastries would work any bigger than this; as it was, they were rather substantial at that size.


I decided to form this into a fairly simple Danish Pastry shape that would allow for a bigger area for the Crème Pâtissière and Apple to sit on. I simply folded in two corners to the centre and pressed down firmly. I covered the pastries with clean tea towels and allowed them to prove for two hours.


I then prepared the apples, which I had originally planned to peel, but loved the colours of their skin, so keep them on.


I halved and cored them.


I decided to poach them for five minutes in a vanilla sugar syrup. I had one in the fridge from another bake, but simply warm one part sugar to two parts water with a vanilla pod (use the shell of the one you used for your Crème Pâtissière) until the sugar dissolves, then add the apples and poach gently for five minutes.


Slightly wrinkly but still pretty

I then removed them from the saucepan and allowed to cool. Once cool I sliced them as carefully and evenly as possible. Of course, these apples were tiny, so I used half of one for each pastry. You will probably have bigger apples and decide to use only a couple of bigger slices instead.

I then preheated my oven to 200C (180C fan).


After two hours proving

Once the pastries had proved, I gave them an egg wash, then put a generous dessert spoon of Crème Pâtissière in the centre before arranging the slices of apple on top.


They went straight into the oven for 18 minutes until they were golden, risen and crisp.


Once they came out, I allowed them to cool for ten minutes whilst I made the glaze, which I then drizzled over the still warm pastries.


50g of Moose Maple Butter

60g of sieved Icing Sugar

Melt the butter and mix in the icing sugar until very smooth. I used a piping bag but you could easily use a spoon to drizzle it over the pastries.


I then sprinkled them with 40g of Pecans, chopped fairly small.

If you cannot get Moose Maple Butter you could try making a glaze with Maple Syrup but if you do get a chance to try it, I thoroughly recommend it.


I realise that making pastries like this is fairly time consuming, but if you plan well, and don’t expect them to be ready at 7am, then they are easily achievable. I think they make a weekend with friends staying a little bit more special.

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